Crystal Creek Hydration Pack

Crystal Creek 3L Hydration Bladder and Sleeve 

First off the customer service was fantastic, soon after the purchase I received an email from DCS Direct Wholesale the dealer of this product, of which I ignored. After a couple of others asking me how I liked the product and if it was working out, I figured I should test it out again.

3L Hydration Bladder – by Crystal Creek



3L Hydration Bladder & Insulated Sleeve – by Crystal Creek

I filled it with water and sure enough it leaked, so without thinking I immediately sent an email stating that it leaked and asked for a replacement not expecting a reply for a day or so.

Within minutes the owner sent me a reply asking about the o-ring, when I inspected it, I found that it was broken, so I replaced it with the extra one that had been sent.

He continued to respond almost immediacy to a couple of other questions and when I asked for an extra o-ring and that I would be happy to pay for it, he sent one out the next day at no cost.

Hydration Bladder put to use.

I used the Crystal Creek Hydration Bladder with Insulated Water Reservoir Sleeve every day of my 7 day trip to Moab Utah, the temperature was just under a 100 degrees Fahrenheit every day.


I filled the bladder in the morning with water that was trucked into the Dead Horse Point State Park, so it wasn’t really cool but the insulated case kept it from getting warm through out the day.

My hiking partner had bottles of water that got pretty warm as the day went on and could only conveniently carry about two liters as opposed to my three.

This is an awesome product and I would recommend it to anyone who needs a hydration bladder and it has a great price.

One of my complaints with hydration bladders inside of my pack is that my gear gets wet from condensation and then my back. With the Crystal Creek Hydration pack any leaks and condensation remain outside my pack.

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