Human Gear CapCap Review


On my trip in September to Glacier National Park, I brought with me a Steripen Adventurer, to use for purifying my water both in the back country and when we were doing day hikes. I had some trepidation with this device even though it wasn’t going to be my only source for purification since my hiking partner had a pump filter and we had tablets, plus we could always boil water if we had to. I used the Steripen every time I needed water on our three day backpacking trip and some day hikes, having used a MSR Miox Water Purifier for a week in the Boundary Waters, that I was less than impressed with I wasn’t sure how the Steripen would perform.

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The only preparation in regards to the Steripen I did before the trip was to buy a couple of Human Gear capCAP lids to fit over my Nalgene. When filling the Nalgene with water from a water source, some contaminated water remains on the threads even though this is a small amount I wanted a simple way to eliminate or reduce this possibility of contamination. With the Human Gear capCAP You can fill and treat your water then place the capCap on your bottle, the Nalgenes threads are covered and you drink from the smaller capCap.

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The Steripen was amazing, weighing in at only 3.8 oz according to Steripen, plus I had an extra set of batteries that were not needed. Light, small and quick, I soon fell in love with this device. Taking about 90 seconds to purify a liter of water, this was about the same time that my hiking partner took to fill his Nalgene using a pump type filter that connected directly onto his bottle.

The water I was was using was clear and had very few particles. I would not use this in “murky” water unless you had time to let the water settle for a couple of hours.

There were a couple of locations that I felt I had to get some water and enjoy the moment. We backpacked to lake Mokowanis and from the camp ground you can see an amazing water fall that we hiked up to, I filled my Nalgene from the water fall, purified it with the Steripen and used the water to add to my home made granola back at the campsite.

When we day hiked to Ice Berg Lake, I could not help but have an amazing drink of water almost directly from the lake after using my Steripen. This little device is going to travel with me most of the time and maybe even on trips when I travel out of the country.


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