Let’s Set The Example.

Let’s set the example.

As landscape and nature photographers or just hikers we should be setting the example, it should be a given to care for the landscape and subjects we photograph. As more and more people become interested in nature and landscape photography it seems that it has become common to either purposefully destroy a subject, so that others cannot photograph it or to damage an area out of lack of caring.  

Sometimes it’s as little as stepping off the trail such as in Canyonlands National Park and damaging the microbiotic crusts, then it’s the butterfly effect when others follow your trail and it grows and grows. Tall grass in your way of a great view, no worry just smash it down.

I would urge you to become familiar with the Leave No Trace Seven Principles for more detailed information please visit their website: https://lnt.org/


I have read of photographers breaking coral and rearranging it, so that they have a better image or crushing a flower so that others can’t photograph it.

Caring for the animals

When we observe wild animals and want to photograph them keep in mind that if you or many others follow an animal around you can easily stress it out. Sometimes people have made a choice to get an image and underestimated the cost, such as falling off cliffs,or slipping into hot springs. Worst of all for me is when animals do what they were born to do and then get hunted down and killed because someone needed a selfie with a grizzly and then gets attacked.

In Glacier National park we watched as an overly intelligent couple threw rocks at a moose to get it off the trail so that they could pass by. Fortunately the moose didn’t become agitated enough to show his disdain for these hikers and slowly left the area. I can think of worse things than to wait and watch a moose graze along the trail until he moved on.

Remember when you capture a great image and share it, many people may want to follow after you and get a similar image.

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