Let’s Set The Example

As landscape and nature photographers, you would think that it would be a given to care for the landscape and subjects we photograph. As more and more people become interested in nature and landscape photography it seems that it has become more common to either purposefully destroy a subject, so that others cannot photograph it or damage an area out of lack of caring.

Sharing our images should also serve to help others appreciate, respect and preserve to natural wonders we have.

Sometimes it’s as little as stepping off the trail such as in Canyonlands National Park and damage the micro-biotic crusts, then it’s the butterfly effect when others follow you trail and the few footprints, grows and grows. Tall grass in your way of a great view, no worry just smash it down.

I would urge you to become familiar with the Leave No Trace Seven Principles for more detailed information please visit their website: https://lnt.org/

These are great principles, but are copyrighted, and as I understand closely controlled and not wanting to get in any trouble I urge you to check out the link.

I have read of photographers breaking coral and rearranging so that they have a better image or crushing a flower so that others can’t photograph it.
When we observe wild animals and want to photograph them keep in mind that if you or  others follow an animal around you can easily stress it out, or be stupid and be killed and or eaten by a bear and the bear has to be killed when the human was the moron.


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