Reflections on my week spent in Utah

Reflections on my week spent in Utah.

A friend and I have taken many trips over the years since 1998, our wives have let us go to the Florida during the winter for astronomy events, and hiking and backpacking other times, this year we visited the area around Moab Utah. We spent six days exploring Canyonlands National Park which includes Island In the Sky, Arches, and Needles districts along with Staying in Dead Horse Point State Park.



The views were amazing I loved every minute, even at night when I had to cover my face with a tee shirt to keep the wind swept sand from covering my face. I live in the Midwest and have worked outside for more than thirty years and have always made fun of people who would explain how a “dry heat” was better than the humid air we have. I would say that my oven is dry would you like that?  A couple of days it was still 98 degrees Fahrenheit at 7:00 pm so I know it was really warm, although, I know that I did sweat I was never dripping wet to my surprise and when shade was around it was almost chilly.

The other surprise to my delight was the vast variation in plant life. I expected the desert type environment but in areas such as the Negro Bill Trail I never expected to find cactus on my left and oak trees, poison ivy and other Midwest type plants only feet apart on the right. The amount of life that we saw on this trail that follows and often crosses the little stream that you follow upriver to the Mourning Glory Natural Bridge.

One afternoon when we were expecting a hot afternoon we hiked about 4 miles in the morning and then headed for the La Sal mountains about 30 minutes away. Exploring some National Forest roads we found some amazing campsites with a mountain stream rushing through the back side. The coolness and freshness was a welcome relief from the heat below.  As we descended back into the desert we were met with amazing views of the mountains, desert and the Colorado River.

Lastly, the scale of the landscape was overwhelming, no image I took does anything to express the vastness, I look forward to returning and exploring more.